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New course setting issues 5 kinds of consciousness that the teacher should estab
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One, ego reviews consciousness

Contrast the education of classroom of elementary school maths that the convention needs in light of new curricular concept, discover not hard, existing in these classroom such or in that way malpractice, wraparound will tell, basically include the following fields:
1, learn in order to teach surely; 2, with this is this; 3, teach a way onefold; 4, learn a way onefold; 5, the goal is single; 6, the issue is single; 7, the evaluation is onefold.

The place on put together is narrated, exist in traditional classroom education the following much less:

The teacher explains much, the student thinks little;

One asking and the other answering is much, exploration communication is little;

Drill memory is much, encourage innovation little;

Importune consistent much, development individual character is little;

Repeat what the book says is much, intellectual activity is little;

Dominance content is much, recessive content is little;

Handle the task much, mental fun is little;

Criticism censures much, encourage praise little;

2, know for original idea with the student

Contemporary education is talked think, mathematical learning process of the student is with the student already the establishs compose actively procedure that some knowledge and experience are a foundation, in only the student participates in study activity actively, just be effective education. Accordingly, we must increase pair of students " learn " research strength, through strengthening pair of students " learn " of the respect discuss, ground of leave no stone unturned transfers the interest of student learning mathematics, stimulate the appetite of student hunting knowledge, make the student changes to be accepted passively get for active ground, change the society learns to meet, change grind is happy learn, want to make the student becomes the host of classroom study truly namely. Fulfil main body position of the student, can from proceed with of the following respects.

1, positive change part, build the arena of own study for the student.

2, the learning process that pays close attention to a student, let a student experience maths

3, the need of contented student.

3, curricular resource develops consciousness

Below new course setting, want creativity ground to use teaching material, the teacher basically should accomplish the following:

(one) teaching material content gives birth to activation

The foundation of mathematical study is the student's experience of life above all. One of main strategy that current mathematics teacher and student reforms, it is a maths and children close tie of original experience of life rises, make they feel maths is beside, learn to rise equipment sense is kind, vivid, real, arouse interest easily also. Contemporary mathematics teacher and student designs very important new concept in education, want to guide a student to set out from the objective fact of experience of life namely, the study in the process that studying real problem, understanding and development maths, close maths and student life are contacted actually.
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