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Comprehend the life that is writing -- education of high school writing is shall
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In education of high school writing, how does the teacher apply humanitarian spirit to guide a student to do an observant and conscientious person of a life, comprehend what themselves opposite lives change to become writing material, be one very important and beneficial task.
Teaching material of high school Chinese the literary work that with the capacity the characteristic with big, new perspective provided rich and colorful for the student. Every article is releasing the colour that refracts the life. But because the student is in,comprehend on put have difference, the effect of generation with respect to each not identical. Be like: When a lot of student is watching same scenery, some inspiration are born suddenly, some however spellbound; In experience same when the thing, some alling sorts of feelings well up in one's heart, some is apathetic however; In be faced with same when the problem, if the spring emerges some thinking of, some wooden however ignorance... comprehend the person with strong capability, hear and see well, take a heart constantly, care about everywhere, when anything crops up sensitive, be good at discovering the beauty of the life, be good at arousing the passion in the heart, writing is rich " intelligence of animals " ; Comprehend the person with young ability, turn a deaf ear to, turn a blind eye to, all things disinclination, all not give serious thought to anything, when anything crops up slow, did not sigh with emotion, without passion, without opinion, inspect writing to be a dangerous road.
Comprehending ability is by all sorts of quality of the person (wait a moment like psychology, culture, intelligence) integrated and become. In composing education, should guide a student to do an observant and conscientious person of the life, go surveying the world beside attentively, from flatly often bagatelle arrives the important matter with peculiar alarmingly dangerous, can go with a curiosity experience and observe and think, with a few minutes exquisite go look for is ordinary the true of the life, go digging the wisdom of life and philosophic theory with diversiform feelings.

One, the life is real as true as art comprehension

Snow husband of car Er Buddhist nun this base had said: "Literature or academic job always make the person leaves that gradually normally alleged the direct life of bland social side. But these respects are the prime essential factor of the life however. The life that all inspiration, morality, aesthetic feeling waits a moment is essential get developing on this foundation. " this, be necessary to be born to high school give guide, make comprehend.
" lotus form sediment " the masterpiece that is Sun Li, fundamental key is pure and fresh and lively, be full of poetics picture meaning. Memory letting a person still deep is a paragraph of such depict: "This woman is organizing banquet, before long, make up a big below her body, she seems to sit on a white snow ground, also go up like the cloud that sits in a whiteness. She hopes to look at form sediment sometimes in, world of a silvery white also is in form sediment, surface apophysis thin thin transparent mist, wind is blown, taking fresh lotus leaf the flower is sweet. " here, the author gives notes on poets and poetry drab and as dry as a chip work. This " woman " ased if a fairy, live in the Yu Yuqiong cabinet that is full of inviting faint scent, foil thereby the beauty that gives the heart that character whiteness is too busy. A lot of classmates disagree to this paragraph of description, think how to there can be so beautiful life in environment of brutal War of Resistance Against Japan, is this true? Live to help a student make clear true with artistic and real concern, I cited in education the romanticism in literary theory and realistic treatise, understanding results from the writing principle of the life, prep above life, guiding a student to do the work that knew Sun Li is the optimistic spirit with revolution the depict that to true fighting day lives.
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