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The teaching method of Confucius and educational thought give our inspiration
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Ask: Are you to think that you cannot be cheated between the friend?

Europe attentively heart plans: Allow me to call in please if I a moment ago had said.

From this paragraph vivid dialog can see, socrates is heuristic the characteristic of education is: Capture the contradiction in student thinking process, inspire revulsive, layer upon layer analysis, step by step thorough, derive finally correct conclusion.

The heuristic teacher and student of Confucius visits again below. He has 8 words only: "Not anger is not opened, do not be at a loss for words be not sent. " (" • of the analects of confucius is narrated and " ) . Press the explanation of Dai Zhuxi of the Song Dynasty: "Anger person, the heart seeks the idea that connect and did not get; The person that be at a loss for words, buccal desire character and failed appearance; Open, call its meaning; Hair, call amount to its demit. " visible, "Anger " it is the student is thinking actively to some problem, be eager to solving and have not do the contradictory psychology when connecting. At this moment the method that the teacher answers to ponder over a problem to the student is timely give directive, in order to help student open train of thought, this is " open " . "Be at a loss for words " it is the reflection that the student has had for some time to some problem, but have not consider maturity, be in another kind of contradictory mentation that wants to say to be conveyed hard again. At this moment the teacher should help a student make clear train of thought, make clear the substaintial attribute of the thing, come out with more accurate language expression next, this is " hair " . Although the heuristic education of Confucius has 8 words only, but the whole process that it shows Confucius racily to have heuristic teacher and student not only, and announce deeply still the mentation that two kinds of contradiction will appear orderly when difficulty problem is being encountered in giving learning process, perhaps say two kinds of different thinking are contradictory, and these two kinds of contradictory correct processing techniques. With Socrates conversational law photograph is compared, the collective place of both is: Each other take the contradiction in student thinking process seriously very, but the square law with both processing contradictory thinking differs completely: Socrates is to pass the teacher's continuous query to force a student to be immersed in self-contradictory condition, bring the student's knowledge to development stage by stage thereby, make the problem gets finally settlement. Confucius is by teacher or student he raises a question, go thinking by him student, when the student is in " anger " mentation, the first kind of contradiction in encountering thinking process namely and inextricability when, the teacher just is taught. Let him student continue to think seriously again next, when the student is entered " be at a loss for words " mentation, the 2nd kind of contradiction in encountering thinking process namely and inextricability when, the teacher is taught again again, make a student promising thereby, be suddenly enlightened.
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