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Strengthen thinking training, develop thinking ability of the student, it is a when teach the job main task. I think, in Chinese education this are attached most importance to especially should. Chinese teachs learned job, be education student read write hear of ability, and read write hear mix closely related thinking. If one individual thinking is unready, train of thought is not open, think not careful, thought knowledge is not deep, thinking lacks creativity, so his read write hearing cannot be Gao Shuiping. Visible, thinking is strengthened to train in Chinese education, it is very necessary, also be quite important, OK and affirmative ground says, strengthening thinking to train is it is important to improve Chinese education quality one annulus.
Have a kind of such idea: Think Chinese teaching material is selected the table of contents of the text is much, class hour finite, the teaching job period of the regulation that finish is very tense, where time undertakes thinking trains? Actually this kind of apprehension was not necessary. Because the thinking in Chinese education trains,this is, not be after finishing booked teaching job, the education content that adds additionally, when undertaking reading writing hearing training however, entered thinking training with respect to be in harmony among them, this is training of thinking of so called contain is written at reading hear of training in. Common ground says. Thinking training is not bypass textbook do additionally, read in directive student however write when hearing, teach a student to should think some of what and how to go wanting. Such, undertook thinking trains not only, and also meet read write it is better to hear training is done. Since such, what is there against it?
Although be opposite,the understanding that thinking trains still is existing such or in that way difference, however actual condition is, each Chinese teachers are self-conscious or not self-conscious in education process different level land is undertaking thinking trains. What what differ is, have a plenty of what undertake conciously, have a plenty of what undertake unconsciously. Such saying, do not do not have a basis. Directive on classroom student differentiates the paragraph administrative levels of the article, understand all respect thought character of the character, a variety of nature that understand event, this is read an object to decompose be a certain number of component and know its essence property one by one, namely the analysis in thinking process. Directive on classroom student sums up paragraph carelessness, sum up the character's disposition, the overall quality that sums up incident, this mixes each component that read an object namely the substaintial attribute that they part synthesizes a whole. Namely in thinking process integrated. The person that directive on classroom student keeps through text appraise, incident thought content that comprehends a text, this generalizes general principle from inside specific fact namely, namely thinking form induces mediumly. Directive on classroom student is applied acquire Chinese knowledge to understand language phenomenon, this rolls out the conclusion of special situation by general principle namely, namely the deduction in thinking form. Afore-mentioned a variety of education activities, very general on the classroom of Chinese education. By this token, thinking training is in Chinese education field, almost everybody is being done, doing every day, not mysterious. The problem is, do and activity of this kind of education undertakes unconsciously conciously, its effect is different. If have the consciousness that undertakes thinking trains, when this kind of activity has on classroom, be aimed at the actual condition of teaching material and student conciously, impart appropriately a bit the knowledge of thinking respect, impart the method of a few thinking, so its education effect is compared not such leave no room for manoeuvre are not identical. See not hard from this, regard Chinese as the teacher, have or enhancing the thinking in Chinese education process to train consciousness is very important.
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