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Attend elegant think of an exam not to beg high component but be realistic with
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Duration midsummer, but about Yasaipei the heat of example, exam however a bit is assuming at this sultry weather, what just announced recently especially is elegant in June the Liang Shuang of the our city in considering exam success, li Yi gained follow in April audition good achievement of 9 minutes, again with one action carried off elegant think of read full marks. The Yasaipei that the full marks of this in quick succession lets must be no good with respect to fire originally example is more " add fuel to the flames " . But the expert reminds these to be in or be about to set foot on elegant the student that considers an exam is in should try while also should pay attention to ability to foster, had chosen to groom the school is not deceived.

Elegant think of study abroad, weight used on a balance of to apply for a job

The reporter is in a few example school sees Yasaipei, many undergraduate some are high school is born even, abandoned the breathing space of summer vacation, daily be in grind English. These students will learn elegant think of not only it is to go abroad later, emigrant place is used, elegant after the mark that thinks of an exam still will become them to apply for a job, beg in the foreign enterprise especially duty when a principal weight used on a balance. Because of not little now company already will elegant think of a mark to communicate the standard of ability as proof applicant English.

In addition, study abroad to add hardship more in North America today, more and more people must choose to pass elegant before thinking of an exam, study abroad toward country of the British Commonwealth; The person that wants immigrant to wait for a country to Canada, Australia, New Zealand at the same time must attend elegant think of resident kind exam; A lot of parents also for the child the following future, let the child go up all sorts of elegant think of coach class, cost again much money to also feel distressed none.

Elegant thinking of high component is a Shuang Renjian

Be in nevertheless study abroad, in emigrant intermediary eye, elegant thinking of high component also is one handle Shuang Renjian. The chief Lv snow of company of tide of our city luck going abroad thinks, although the high component phenomenon of exam of this kind of language won't bring an influence to whole industry going abroad, but home has study abroad the competition between the student of intent can be strengthened somewhat. If this is planted,the phenomenon that studies full marks, high component can make one big trend, to Chinese student difficulty can be increased, competition also can tend intense. But when wanting to choose the school only enter oneself for an examination not blindly popular, sensible choice, still can have what alleviate certainly to competing.

In addition, capability of some students exam is strong and applied ability is weaker. To this, the our city alls alone the Lin Mengxiang that tells limited company of layout going abroad thinks, the language closes is to go abroad the col that studies abroad to pass surely, take an examination of the result that has given to be able to add the weight of oneself, but ten million cannot be taken an examination of to take an examination of high component, should prepare to want to put eye again to be admitted smoothly already long-term -- , let a language make the useful tool that gets used to place of Wu of local environment kimono to learn major. When suggesting students groom in summer vacation time, groom except what choose good authority outside the orgnaization, pay attention to what him English carries out ability to take exercise even.
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