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The university entrance exam the 2nd round review should have specific aim more
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To manage, change two courses, the student should notice intellectual systematization, network, scattered intellectual point new form is established and link. The student that selects physics notices the trends of social heat and problem of great science and technology even. The student of politics of take as an elective course besides familiar book learning, raise the standard that solve a problem besides the gender, when must paying close attention to politics. Geography reviews the basic knowledge that should value the earth and map and basic technical ability to keep abreast of one pace strengthens geographical chart sentence read training. Additional, the student is being chosen when doing exercise in school work besides specific aim, also want to make the tall examination paper in the past more, be familiar with the mode giving a title of the university entrance exam.

In addition, adjusted state of mind what teachers emphasize particularly namely, so that a highest standard that develops oneself is faced when the exam.

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