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The university entrance exam the 2nd round review should have specific aim more
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The university entrance exam the 2nd round review should have specific aim more

One model exam ended the university entrance exam, be aimed at this second exam, most teacher thinks, one model examination paper strengthened the emulation sex of the university entrance exam this year, have new idea, problem, there is change on difficulty, the assurance of each specific problem difficulty also reflected the train of thought of proposition of the university entrance exam and trend and the demand that study principle newly 2006 well.

After passing about one model " the 2nd round review " , teachers think student should anatomize exposes exposed issue in one model exam, go up according to outline of the university entrance exam take an examination of a dot to undertake combing to teaching material, ego detects master a circumstance, arrange the 2nd round appropriately review, the choice suits review a problem, do the exercise that has specific aim.

One Sino-British signal teaching and research group of Nanjing grows Mr. Chen Shangjun to think, the vocabulary of English of the university entrance exam has strict restriction, the word that won't appear basically to be not known, because this student should carry the word inside the limits that check key link on the back,ripe back is met. Review to what grammar has a system, the system such as the grammar that gets on book, accidence is arranged, the key is to want to be comprehended in the heart and remember. In the meantime, the student should take seriously highly read, a large number of reading need not say, still must read read through to appear to each article, ability achieves the result truly.

Chinese respect, eliminate ABC, the composition is the project that most student headaches quite all along. Be aimed at this, nanjing city learns Mr. Zhang Yehong to think in China, composition should above all base oneself upon is good at writing " standard " composition. This imitate, the problem of all many sided such as the adduction of the arrangement of the standard that the careful problem that a lot of classmates write a composition drafts to inscribe, structure, material and processing still appears come out. Partial classmate crosses itself of material of much drag in, stricture of train of thought. Actually the student should make clear his composition advantage where to be, what him establish is good at the writing model type of style, establish the writing pattern that fits oneself thereby. Be in " standard " on the foundation, should consider appropriately " window consciousness " , let a literary works " bright " rise.

Maths should take basic technical ability and basic thoughtway seriously detect. One medium Liu Mr. 訔 of Nanjing points out, the student answers exert oneself checks him knowledge network to whether be formed, whether does the accomplishment that solve a problem remain to improve. Should review oneself study action, the thinking ability that develops oneself hard, operation ability, the issue that exists in study is examined after be reviewed through round, check be short of filling leakage, rectify and reform study strategy, rise review efficiency. Examinee must solve a problem to oneself in, although correct but the phenomenon with trival solution, solve complex problem especially, hand-in-hand travel reviews the matter that searchs a mistake from intellectual system, method seriously.
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