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Cross school cross major take an examination ofing to grind: I entered Beijing U
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I ever promised, make me in 7 years please a spring scenery is beautiful in April, I am exchanged with my effort. In this momently, succeeded, I have the authenticity of some of suspicion even, after be being decided countless times in the heart when me, smile mounts a face. I wish one's deceased father grind this all the way experience and everybody are shared, the mood, learn experience, hardships and tear... consult to you or be incentive, or it is the recreational reader when reviewing exhaustion.

The individual experiences:

Search: Take an examination of the decision of courtyard of Beijing University law to be made early, it is to be in big 2 swift ends when. The major that place of my undergraduate course learns also is a very popular major, also be better in school, but oneself are not to like especially. Oneself have two choices at that time, one is to enter oneself for an examination the cameralistics of university of central finance and economics, one is courtyard of Beijing University law. Cameralistics is him professional and relevant course, one's deceased father rise perhaps won't special difficult. But when thinking of courtyard of Beijing University law is him high school half-baked, be opposite in the heart of Beijing University yearning with that little ill-affected, final I still chose courtyard of Beijing University law. After determination was being decided below, I was far from hesitation and sway, the effort that has a cause is happy.

Before July 2006:

Because be to cross professional examinee, besides big the legal foundation class of one, without any foundations character. Feel so oneself most be being done first is audit. From big 3 begin, oneself also were become in Beijing University " loiter class " brim person.

In this paragraph of time of audit, the biggest gains not only knowledge, still have the friend of understanding. Some friends gave me a lot of help later, give my teacher attend a lecture data for instance, help me borrow a book, discuss an issue together, so, give others a smile more at ordinary times, help others more, others also can answer your smile, help you as much, study the issue that grinding is a people in the same condition help each other.

I began the book study of type system in March 2006.

The first book that I read is civil code, the likelihood is disposition more laggard, it is difficult to be compared plus civil code, what the first book saw a half moon actually is long, wait for me to look already fast in May. Begin anxious, accelerated the rate that reads a book, but these books are to look for the first time, also cannot pass fast, it is commonly 7 see to 10 days (because await professional class to return in those days a lot of, can use after school time to see) only, OK and a few more careful, resemble civil code and country via such content a lot of course, can look 15 days. But if the foundation is special good, content is very familiar, can some faster.

When summer vacation comes, I am connected even did not look, this rate is a little slow. I think before summer vacation connect all booklist of professional class see had compared at the same time.
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