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Of Beijing University graduate student review a method to sum up 5 big a magic w
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One efficient
There is a famous word in tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, do right thing with accurate method. Those who emphasize is target and method.
Want establishment above all a target, the exam is exclusive the target takes tall fraction namely, everything does not work with what take cent to have nothing to do, the content that takes an examination of in order to want is a center, everything what have nothing to do does not look, should shrink exam limits the smallest. Cross the school to cross major take an examination ofing, with respect to my liberal art review a circumstance to look, have the feeling of look for a needle in the ocean at first, read what book, abandon what book, want decisive. The end that such doing is, assuring study is efficient all the time. Steel is used on edge.
Establish the target of sex of a phase, go doing according to the target, cannot finish plan to be about to seek an account, adjust. Method, content, plan, these 3 are in be adjusted ceaselessly.
Some things are very as dry as a chip, carry a word on the back for instance, but also want for efficiency look, because this rise the most quickly read a level.
2 relapse
Iteration means lies between period of time to review the thing that you had learned. This bit is very important. This method suits to be used in English politics and professional class a kind of any exams, it is a kind of very clever and efficient study method, specific meaning can consult " seventeen days get calm GRE word " , this should have download on book net originally, a booklet. Want to learn the thing that never knows before you, it is best method repeatedly, have the professional period that needs memory in great quantities especially.
3 absorb experience
Want to notice to absorb the experience of others, fight want collect information, this also is a kind of collect information. Time is close, most be afraid of crooked road wrong way. Each course has a lot of same places on study method. When reviewing, I looked a lot of one's deceased father grind of the person that succeed review experience, each major has each school, of finance, of law, correct oneself train of thought from which. When no matter be,be being consulted to the classmate, want to have oneself definite idea, the method that judges him is comfortable do not suit oneself, understand oneself most after all have oneself only.
4 want systemic heart to throw, day thinks of night to want.
I everyday from one goggle, to have a meal sleep, those who want is the thing of the exam. Abstracted thing wants lesser to had been jumped over. If go to school,be an important matter to you, should of heart sincerity go doing, concentrate all energy.
5 oneself give a few titles, make imitate problem.
Want to fathom the train of thought of person giving a title repeatedly, I print the problem of professional class come down to be taken every day beside, time is taken out in light of. Take an exam even if put the train of thought that feels problem person, guess he hopes how you answer, english thinks why he wants to give this title, change oneself train of thought into the train of thought of person giving a title, can develop a kind of sense, did a problem to be arranged, the mark is high also.
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