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A month (everyday a hour) political 70! You also can go
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It is time allocation below:

1. Summer vacation (7 - in September) listen to a class or break up turn over book, purpose: Allow a clear understanding internally, degree should achieve the structure of a general name for arteries and veins that does not turn over a book to be able to speak 5 parts and every to check a place paragraphicly. Time adds up is two weeks at most.

2.1 - you need not see politics again almost in December, if not be at ease really,can look to be inscribed really in last few years. But if you are returned one day,at that time two hours carry politics on the back, become imitate problem, that is to the loss outweights the gain absolutely (be free to be done more do mathematical imitate to inscribe or view professional subject) remembering this thing is one decreases successively, you remember was clear about moment to also forget again at that time, besides, the age that checks politics to take an examination of memory had gone, you are over book back namely also not likely can get tall cent, still retain true title 6 years? Besides choice title, is how many there is be to taking an examination of mechanical memory?

The period of time with 3.1 the most important month, can visit this month on 70 minutes, you need a hour only everyday, went with a book -- " the exam analyses political theory " -- teach high those who publish, a very thin, there are the full analysis that check a place and true subject analysis of nearly 3 years inside, this month can pass 4 times with very fast time.

For the first time: Look " the exam is analysed " , evoke memory, and take an examination of a dot to mix a face entirely ripe.

Mention for instance " ideological opposite independent character " you very can fast think of:

1. Ideological opposite independent character is to point to ideological while reflective society exists, still have the dynamic role of oneself and distinctive development law.
2. Expression is in:
① is ideological the completely not synchronous sex that is put in development, change with the society.
② is ideological the lopsided sex that develops a standard with economy.
The development with ideological ③ has historical inheritance.
④ is ideological between mutual influence, interaction.
⑤ is ideological to the society existence has counteractive.
Take an examination of a dot otherly to also should reach the level that alludes to be able to say on a few

The 2nd: Look " the exam is analysed " , make note of intellectual sequence of thought, purpose: Consecution dredge. Want to stand in to compare tall angle to see every share, for instance Ma Zhe was at 4 o'clock actually content: Epistemological history watchs dialectic materialism, the knowledge inside every bits of content has immanent connection actually, yourself can think well. One goes up in political forum " culminating note " , want to see what this people has induced lazily also go, but I suggest yourself is Baconian strongly. This one pace finishs, you will discover political pass mark is pediatric simply! Whether on 70 or look higher below two paces!
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