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Why is Chinese student taken an examination of hard elegant think of high compon
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Why is Chinese examinee in elegant in thinking of an exam notch generally on the low side? Sponsor by British culture association last week " English exam develops a design " on the seminar, the expert points out domestic English education and exam are out of line badly, a lot of exam effect spend existence question, and collect of examination questions of a few imitate and groom the class is to reduce more " social social effects of pollution " .

Chinese examinee " hurt forcedly " where

According to statistic, two years mother tongue was in for the student of Chinese in the past elegant in thinking of an exam each notch increase ceaselessly, but still under the whole world average level. Chinese examinee is elegant 2003 think of always divide on average for 5.33 minutes, rose 2004, had not small go up, but still far under 6 minutes the whole world was divided on average 2004.

East Asia of committee of Cantabrigian college examination and MickeyBonin of Australia development director point out, chinese examinee is mixed in question of the overspend in the exam imperative sentence, use overmuch syntactic form, make expressive effect worth while deliberate. And a lot of be regarded as by examinee " infallible law " grammar is formed, use in English actually in do not see more.

English of professor of Shanghai traffic college, former state thinks in Yang Hui of chairman of committee of 46 class exam, this one phenomenon and our education and exam are out of line badly about. We take an exam not less to pay attention to exam result too, and carelessly process; After attention is passed, can obtain only why to plant advantage, do not pay close attention to can get more or less rising through the exam. Such not only block up of ability of Chinese student English rise, also cause them to cannot be in tall cent is gained in English exam internationally.

A lot of English exams lose effect to spend

At present all sorts of criticism that take an exam to English are incessant Yu Er, many people think the existence of exam system affected English ability of the student. Express in Yang Hui, the sort of endanger what should try education accusing at exam itself, as if to want to cancel an exam only all problems can be solved, the English go to school became good idea between one night, it is wrong actually. "Exam itself just measures a method, the exam cannot affect English ability of the student. This seems to want to grow tall must strengthen take exercise, taking feet to be measured repeatedly is otiose. Taking feet to be measured repeatedly is otiose..

Say in Yang Hui, the task of language education is the capacity that nurturance uses a language actually, and the purpose of the test is the test tool that provides a kind of science, have objective, accurate, judicial opinion to the student's the gift of tongues. The language checks itself to raise student the gift of tongues effectively impossibly, if have an examination, the student did not increase English capacity, improved result however, so this exam does not have availability. In fact, a lot of English exams of our country were immersed in this one state.
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