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You cannot abandon be being refuted one by one absolutely abandon inspecting 5 k
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I also am not taken an examination of again ground! ! Simply the person does not suffer this!

One: Also does laborious of Huang oxime beautiful make fun of  to retreat Chong avoid narrow cut emperor into parts to dismiss core of Zi of heart of  of stamp twinkling yellow Se but  of excuse me of   be angry?

Brother, do not deceive oneself as well as others please, the graduate of old technical secondary school of the whole nation 2006 is 4.13 million! And the graduate student number that admits this year is merely 340 thousand! There is the graduate student of 8% merely inside 4.13 million person! Is the graduate student much? Calculate a graduate student to be enrolled in enlarge, the graduate student's number also won't exceed 10% of total number!

Do not present the argument that retreats you should be clear, do not abandon looking for what excuse for oneself, remember, the graduate student calculates again how is enlarge enrolled, the graduate student's rate also won't exceed 10% !

2: This canister of beautiful bits Mou  of model of Nai of alarm of emperor live abroad also does Huan agent play?

One's deceased father grind the person that the mood that a kind of scorn once used when renown division is attending class is opposite those abandoning that take an examination of to grind says: . Handsome?

Complaining in you actually one's deceased father grinding is not a person when sufferring, the person that gets on those your or is affirmative taking an examination of in logic is preterhuman, or had admitted he is not a person!

3: Does Ge of beautiful punishment  make fun of  also does Huan agent play?

Fart! Did your parents raise you 20 years tired? You eat and drink 20 this years be being worn is your parents, what you do now is should assiduous study, repay your parents!
Be in 20 years when foster you, your parents has said to your life supply " not " word! Be turn for your redound now, you want not to bear hardships, tired! You are a scoundrel!

4: Investigate level ground takes off core but a bow drawn to the full of antrum of emperor of haze of apology of  of  of  of Mi of  border artful be used to. ?

Had made count early with respect to somebody, the income of structure of world person with ability and record of formal schooling are into what compare, the average income > that Beijing has graduate student record of formal schooling 4500.

Since be to earn money, that you why high school graduation does not work? You can say, I do not attend a college who wants me, this is very then simple: Bastinado an official document or note takes off Ю  example bright shallow evil spirit caries dredge. Does narrow of Hu of neck of б of ⊙ of dust  threshold make fun of act of  of eggplant of quiet of  of dredge ∪ Quan  of А of Gou of Mu of astounded of quiet of fade of join of  of  Cheng ナ ?

5: Core but  of   few goods.  of Ju of  of Di of ぷ of grave of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of  of Si of aphid of dead new moon of artful narrow of  second  ?
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