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Take an examination of 8 years grind political Mao Gaiman divides a strategy: Be
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" generality of Mao Zedong Thought " in whole one's deceased father grind value of the cent in politics does not exceed 18 minutes about, with " Marxism philosophy principle " , " Marxism plutonomy is academic " , " Deng Xiaoping theory and " 3 delegates " serious thought generality " photograph comparing, its heft does not calculate tall. Look from the difficulty of intellectual spot check, also slant at memory return, flexibility and omnibus not strong, coefficient does not have difficulty absolutely other 3 families are big. A such course says natively to extensive final examination, if do not amount to full marks,divide high with respect to one cannot say for sure in whole politics mark. So, want examinee to be reviewed seriously only, serious memory, wanting conceivable high component is a comfortable thing absolutely. The more easy thing appears the more by person oversight, the more simple thing the more inaccessible satisfactory, actually, want to go up without exception in wool assure to get full marks, also need to spend bit of idea, cannot overlook. Nevertheless, want you to accomplish the following only, achieving full marks is not the business that yearn for and cannot reach.

The first: Taking serious manner to review. Wool without exception altogether 7 chapters: The first chapter, Mao Zedong Thought is the academic positive result that Marxism China turns; The general line of revolution of the 2nd chapter, New Democracy and basic guiding principle; The road of revolution of the 3rd chapter, New Democracy and primary experience; The academic principle that the 4th chapter, socialism transforms and experience are summed up; The exploration achievement that the 5th chapter, socialism is like dry weight Dali to discuss an issue; The policy policy that the 6th chapter, socialism builds; The 7th chapter, vivid soul that masters Mao Zedong Thought, hold to and develop Mao Zedong Thought. Can follow the first rule completely when review union of the 7th chapter rises review, serve as Mao Zedong Thought " overall " . Rise the 2nd chapter and union of the 3rd chapter review, serve as Mao Zedong Thought " the New Democracy is academic " ; The 4th chapter the 6th chapter closes the 5th chapter is Mao Zedong Thought " socialism is academic " . Rise certain and paragraphic union review, namely more the intellectual system that facilitating student whole holds this course, strengthen consecution sex. General framework be clear at the bosom later, be about specific hold the content of system of a certain knowledge. Wool is divided roughly into 3 parts without exception, namely of Mao Zedong Thought " topical " part, Zedongsai thinks " the New Democracy is academic " of part, Mao Zedong Thought " socialism is academic " part. In each parts, the relevant knowledge such as incident of the historical setting that examinee should note collect is relevant, history, major conference, composing is nodded. Should accomplish revise relevant knowledge aspect in the round, with respect to need examinee extensive collect is taken an examination of relevantly grind bibliography and review a data relevantly. Might as well here the classmate offers a few booklist: By Ministry of Education exam center writes " enter a school of countrywide Master graduate student unites exam politics theory the exam is analysed " must want to buy, because this book has authority, the check that lists around exam outline place merely wants a place, direct candidate for an entrance examination reviews the effect that achieves get twice the result with half the effort. Regard Mao Gaifu as the bibliography of be used to, if your at hand has this one book merely, appear some feebler, still need a few otherer the reference book with more detailed content is used as what assist, accomplish preparation enough, proposal examinee can see those who see press of Chinese people university publish here " took an examination of 2008 grind political theory class often takes an examination of knowledge to nod " . Accomplish above, examinee can hold wool basically without exception whole content system, but develop for examination room more outstanding, still suggest redo makes calendar year the exam is inscribed and a few otherer imitate problem. Those who remind examinee is, must notice the exam of calendar year is inscribed, because be in wool without exception on proposition, those who check a place is heavy reappearing had been very common thing now. For instance, about Mao Zedong Thought the knowledge of vivid soul repeats with respect to discontinuity took an examination of twice. Same one checks a place, can appear with only selection of subject, also can appear with much selection of subject likewise, for instance, 2004, the problem that builds about party conduct once appeared with only selection of subject, arrived to appeared with much selection of subject 2007. Accordingly, problem of exam of great research past years is large good part absolutely, must not ignore.
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