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The parent is teaching the psychogenic disorder when the child
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Because most now family is a singleton female, make the parent has always to the child be anxious endlessly and trouble, various psychogenic disorder exist in causing a lot of parents to teach filial course. Main show is in:

1, excessive attention.

When the child's demand has not arisen, the parent thought of for the child already, when the child's setback is about to appear, the parent has been dissolved for the child. Harbin city family teachs association director Li Yangong to say, as a result of excessive care of the parent, a lot of children as a child nurturance the selfish, overbearing, lazy, disposition that does not have sense of responsibility, and as the child grow, once this kind of disposition finalizes the design, can affect the child's lifetime.

2, anxiety sense

Child of concern of a few parents fails in competition, expression is special be afraid that the child plays. See to on Sunday the child plays, the parent with respect to angst uneasiness, feel the child is between billow take time, this time ought to play musical instrument, go reading mathematical book, go carrying English word on the back to wait, some parents place his all hope on child body even, think he is not successful in the future, whole family with respect to 100 percent failure. And this kind of angst often can affect the parent the child, make child generation is gone against turn over psychology.

3, the feeling that suffer a pain

Some parents feel the child is poor, think now with respect to a child, was brought up in the future much loneliness, if oneself became old or dead, how does the child live, just about this kind of feeling that suffer a pain makes they become aggravated the land is good to the child, thinking to leave the child money even is the greatest care. The expert thinks, parents cannot complete the process that fortune accumulates for the child, again rich also cannot child of be used to, when the child feels his material is great and rich, consciousness of his managing consciousness, struggling consciousness, struggling spirit, hardship will be decreased greatly.

4, alone feeling

The parent feels the child is alone, at the same time him parent also feels alone, do not be willing to let the child grow. A lot of parents have this kind of spirit reluctant to leave that takes the child beside, go against the child actually grow.

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