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The behavior of divisional child and motive answer in domestic education
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Behavior psychologist thinks, the mankind the backside of any behavior, having immanent psychology to because of,be moved certainly, the motive that often says namely. But because often not be one to one correspondence,behavior and the psychology that conceal rearward are moved, apparently look be like a same act, the likelihood is having different intention respectively, and same a motive, also can cause a variety of different behavior performance below different situation. Undertaking analytic mixing to human behavior accordingly correctional when, because of,the psychology that must find backside of a certain behavior is moved, come to behavior and motive area departure.

From the point of the angle of behavior psychology, domestic education undertakes analytic mixing to the child's behavior namely greatly ceaseless and correctional, in order to obtain the process of the requirement that parent place expects. Accordingly, in domestic education, when having education to all sorts of behavior of the child, because the area comes apart,also must change the psychology of the child's behavior and behavior backside, treat severally, ability gets satisfactory result.

In domestic education, the child lies is a problem that invites in the end of feeling of a lot of parents to ache. A lot of parents come up against the child to have lie the child's behavior, think the child is Your Excellency in deceit, think the child's moral has a problem then, not quite honest, because this is severe,add reprimand. But although a lot of parents are right,the behavior that the child lies had severe penalty, after the child still is in possibly still, a certain moment is in same lie on the problem.

Lie to the child a such behavior, our parent should come down calmly above all, because what be,the psychology that child lies moves anatomize. In fact, the child lies, because fear,be of adult likely scold, admit the penalty that the fact may bring about to escape; Because the child itself understanding to the fact and adult are abhorrent,still be likely, some children explain by oneself to factual understanding, and the parent does not understand in that way from their angle however, then the parent feels the child is to lying; Some children to satisfy vanity, also may self-dramatizing in order to get the attention of other or admiration; Likely also the child lies is to stem from a very kind-hearted psychology to because of,be moved, just conceal some thing to help a companion for instance. As to intended deceit, or character is bad, just be to may be caused lie because of,the psychology of this behavior is moved a medium. But, the parent is lying to the child, often give the child from moral directly negative, the parent may rebuke angrily the child " do not learn from good examples " , " dishonest " , " bad child " etc. Some children can feel very grievance, feel parents pays no attention to him solution, return a likelihood badly over shoes over boots, smash a pot to pieces just because it's cracked -write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly, develop to bad direction. Possible still child becomes because of this awe-stricken, cowardly, when encountering scared thing, more apt is used lie will escape.
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