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How is resume of enter a higher school written?
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In choose school process, how making a good resume for the child is important admittedly, but how to write, how be made or be worth consider!

The resume that some parents make for the child from " my an account in one's own words " begin all sorts of certificate of merit, adornment to observe and study, ply can amount to a few pages at most. Reality is however, some parents complain the child got a lot of award, resume also had a thick big, but was not admitted by the school however, feel unjust! In fact, probably you are defeated to go up in a big resume of Na Houhou.

We think, since be resume, should with " simple palpability " for the principle, the resume that the school receives is so much (1000 several ah! ) , the recruit students teacher that how many examine data again is met does one page leaf through one page of your child " great achievement " ? Want to know good school, the child that sign up is thousands of person more, if you ask teacher one word does not leak see you be afraid originally greatly then not actual also.

Write too much, the teacher looks water of a mist, be tired! Had better be one, 2 pages, photocopy of attach photograph, main certificate of merit, certificate, when interview again all data (original) take. Average school is only right urban award with student notebook (4 - of 6 grade) take seriously quite, the take second place of other.

Additional, study result of the child should be stressed mainly in resume, certificate of bear the palm, the good point that uses child of brief language general situation, specialty, can, hobby and character, some parents perhaps pay attention to the study that introduces the child and specialty only, the child's character is very actually main also, introduce the child's character from you, the family that the school can see you is taught how, and child growing environment how, some schools pay attention to this respect. If resume is organized prepare closely, short one page paper can more the overall condition that bona fide reflects your child, let the school quickly grasp the main good point of your child, the child's successful opportunity will be taller.

Here has example of resume of a tabular to offer reference, if need is authentic a connection.

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