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8 years 12 colleges of Hong Kong admit 1400 inland to be born
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This year inland about 1400 students are admitted by Hong Kong college. Although from enter oneself for an examination harbor school heat drops somewhat in light of the number, but just end the college of 12 Hong Kong that admits the job to think generally, the quality of outback new student that admits this year is very good, admitted fractional line to rise even.

Hong Kong college recruits a new student inside this year number and identical last year, among them, hong Kong university recruits 262 people, university of Hong Kong Chinese recruits 254 people, college of Hong Kong city recruits about 190 people, meeting university admits dip 150 much people, university of Hong Kong science and technology recruits 130 people, pedagogic courtyard recruits 50 people.

The Yuan Chao of achievement of outback unripe the university entrance exam that is admitted for the most part a line, of the college such as university of Hong Kong university, Hong Kong Chinese admit fractional line to rise further. Average grade is the English that inland admits to be born greatly in 137 minutes; The city was in the 8 provinces city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian to put in greatly 6 into admit quota of people, fractional line is admitted in what these visit town relatively rose last year about 10% .


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