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Author: Wang Pan

Chinese university, from " is the world top-ranking " is there many far? A few days ago, shanghai handed in research center of top-ranking university of world of academy of big higher education to be released on its website " learning of 2008 worlds university is ranked 500 strong " . This pop chart shows, domestic name school hands in university of big, Nanjing, Zhejiang university to wait to be discharged like Beijing University, Tsinghua, Shanghai in 201 fasten to the group of 302 in, fail to enter the world top-ranking university. (On August 13 " emancipatory daily " )

Any university pop chart have certain level, the standard also differs as a result. We are done not have necessary did not enter to Chinese university " learning of 2008 worlds university is ranked 500 strong " in before 200 with respect to be troubled Yu Huai. With respect to the person that connect the n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of pop chart, the researcher that Shanghai pays academy of big higher education also says frankly " world university learning is ranked " a few problems of existence. But before researcher is explaining why Chinese university didn't enter world university learning to rank 200 when, among them a paragraph of word is worth to take seriously:

The scientific research of science department of a few famous brand university and engineering course yields scale is larger, but scale of high quality paper is inferior, lack international class learning Great Master and great achieve positive result formerly. Some domestic name school, its SCI(scientific quotation indexes) paper amount and rank are in the world of 21-100 name top-ranking university is equal, but " start an index formerly " not tall, affect its finally to rank.

Should say, this is a of Chinese university common phenomenon. Compare with developed country and photograph of increasingly powerful Chinese comprehensive national power, the scientific research of Chinese university comparatives lag. Character of place of scholar of no less than, the scientific research of Chinese university in recent years progress is extensive on the whole model the amount is outspread, achieve a gender formerly, the scientific research achievement that great theory is affected or uses value contrasts lack, level of scientific research actual strength, learning and academic competition ability still are in the backward position in world university system. So, although Chinese university publishs the amount of the paper in the world year after year rises, but the force of the paper goes low relatively, ability of the original scientific research that achieve a gender drops continuously.

Cause amount of Chinese college paper big, quality low, former start the account with not high index, it is problem of evaluation main body, 2 it is evaluation standard problem. Chinese university reachs the evaluation principal part of its achievement to activity of academic scientific research, not be academia interior, however administration department, scientific sex is not tall of course. And go up in evaluation standard, administration department is passed publish, the amount of the amount of publication paper work and task, the level of the level of basis magazine, publication orgnaization and unit of project approving appraisal will maintain the on any account of activity of academic scientific research and its achievement, evaluate those who give activity of academic scientific research and its gain truly scientificly to contain Troy hard. This is caused the scientific research evaluation of a lot of domestic universities is only at present striped-pants, do not pay attention to character, truly valuable science gain receives the opinion of objective justice hard, brought about college style of study is general and at present blundering, learned spec is corrupt, also tied pedagogic development at the same time. Then, we see Chinese university is top-ranking of academic person with ability have an amount to be in short supply generally, more lack the famous expert learned man inside national limits.
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