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How does the university entrance exam lose out to do?
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Analysis: See oneself whether suit first answer read

Either all losing out be born to suit choice answer to read. Chengdu counteracts Zhang Weidong of middle school president to point out: The examinee with exorbitant or too low achievement of the university entrance exam, answer read the result all not quite apparent. Examinee must analyse him to whether suit seriously answer read.

The following kinds of circumstances suit answer read: Physiology, psychology or besmear became wrong card, leakage did the reason such as the problem to bring about play wrong; Common study manner is not mixed seriously study method is undeserved; Enter oneself for an examination of volunteer error etc. And do not suit answer read, include a score too low or exorbitant; Encounter the examinee with easy and nervous final examination; The examinee with ego poorer sanction, achievement of this kind of student rises very hard, answer read sense is not great. In the meantime, him examinee if do not think answer read, the parent must not coerce examinee, can be just the opposite to what one wished only otherwise.

Choice: Academic school aids you " efficient " answer read

Nobody dare assure answer the achievement after reading can rise certainly. Choice answer is read, had to have done take an examination of the psychology that must be inferior to to prepare. Chengdu hopes children will have a bright future school principal Jiang Yangbin thinks: There is a lot of to groom on the market at present the school is opened have answer read a class, how should undertake choosing? The following standards can consult: See the school whether have social power managerial license; 2 it is to look to whether independent education building uses the teacher and student of minute of administrative levels; 3 whether is looking full-time attends class to set full-time a teacher in charge of a class; The 4 faculties that look to whether the course examines. Additional, new thinking grooms President Li of the school still reminds broad parent and examinee, a bit very important, should see its take an exam to whether be mixed namely common tall metaphase medium, period end, one examine, 2 examine are synchronous, whether be same standards of grading, whether to attend analysis of quality of the education in the area to queue up greatly likewise. Gift of synchronous exam, same standards of grading sees an examinee located in whole area position, be helpful for detecting study result, enter oneself for an examination volunteer.

Experience: Good method, academic school is crucial

Chengdu student Xiao Ling (alias) through a year answer after reading, the university entrance exam obtained exceedingly good result this year, only grade of English only branch rose nearly 50 minutes! Sum up experience, xiao Ling says, answer read should seek a means, should seek pair of teachers more. Xiao Ling says, what she chooses is school of acute beautiful foreign language. "Leave school a week, the school is used ' thunderous lightning law ' have English spy standard to us. The teaching method that find everything new and fresh, ceaseless aggrandizement trains, 7 the world come the achievement myself of ultimate test feels mysterious, rise too fast, the vocabulary gets very big rise. Come so, increased my study interest to English not only, more increased me to be opposite answer read confidence. More increased me to be opposite answer read confidence..
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