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Gu Binglin: Do but can age is old Tsinghua person
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─ ─ is in Tsinghua university the speech that undergraduate students commencement and degree awarded ceremonially 2008

President Gu Binglin


The Tsinghua garden July, fructification is filled with, fasten affection supple. 4 years ago, when you enter Tsinghua garden, fire of Olympic Games emperor is in Athens ablaze combustion; A snap of the fingers between one brandish, beijing is about to greet the Olympic Games grand meeting that otherworldly person fixes eyes upon, you also will set foot on new journey. Here during, allow me to represent the school please, express enthusiastic congratulation to classmates! Grow to what will be classmates for years the worker worker of teaching and administrative staff that gave arduous work expresses cordial acknowledgment! Also the parents that to supportive school development, care you grow express kind greeting!

These 4 years, it is Tsinghua university 4 years when towards the world the grand target of top-ranking university strides steadily, also be you ceaseless progress, grow, with Tsinghua from acquaintance, to the bosom friend, arrive other 4 years. Classmates witnessed the development change of Tsinghua change quickly, tsinghua also left the contrail that you grow. You attended wet and windy medium military training zip, the building that experienced the facilities of each study living such as division of Chinese redbud apartment and perfect, devoted into " scientific progress, the grow into useful timber dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland " thematic education, more during experiencing this a of national happening an important matter... before graduating before long, everybody and the people of the whole country experienced two important matters together, it is fire of Olympic Games emperor the different echo of the generation on the world in delivering, 2 it is the anguish that shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River brings and shock. Premier of treasure of warm home of no less than is on blackboard of boreal plain middle school a few big character that write down: "Much distress regenerates a nation " ! Setback and disaster did not make we shrink back, however more the patriotic passion that aroused us and ethical important task.

On the opening celebration before 4 years, I ever encouraged everybody " row be good at do not cease, pursuit is outstanding " ; Today, in classmates be about to when undergraduate course graduates, I am right of everybody sending word is " do but can age is old Tsinghua person " .

Above all, hope classmates are loaded remove those who revitalize ethical great exploit is big. After earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River happens, there are 105 to attend what organize the earliest for disaster area to donate blood in the classmate that be present, after that employee of many 30 thousand teachers and students is inside short number day contribution close ten million yuan, many 7500 Party member is handed in again " special party membership dues " many yuan 400, still have a lot of teachers and students and alumnus leave for different destinations aseismatic forefront providing disaster relief, gave the love of Tsinghua person and warm blood. The big earthquake of this arise suddenly becomes everybody's most unforgettable in undergraduate work one subject, also raised a lot of questions that are worth to consider and think to us. In the grandiose career that the comparatively well-off society that builds modernization in the round in our country and compose build socialistic harmony society, more a lot of challenges need us to face, more a lot of tasks await us to solve. A few years after you graduate, be the Chinese nation implementation is great greatness crucial phase. "Life and death of careless benefit country with, avoid because of misfortune good fortune of hasten. " hope classmates regard him as patriotic, dedication never oscillatory life credo, breathe together with the motherland, nation from beginning to end, in all destiny, assume historical heavy responsibility bravely, with " responsibility prep above everything, achievement results from pay " spirit, on respective post, acute meaning innovates, to bring up the motherland brilliant him contribution tomorrow intelligence an wisdom.
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