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Beijing University president makes Zhi Hong: What is just university honor place
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The personal details of an old alumnus

The spirit of the university and how developing innovation person with ability is the problem that since I hold the position of Beijing University president, thinking all the time.

Classmates gather together today in Yan Yuan, here will make the home that you did not come to 4 years. Some classmates say, we come the purpose of Beijing University is to see pretty school yard not only, more important is go experiencing and the spirit of inheritance Beijing University. Mention from myself. When I enter Beijing University in those days, you had not been born, beijing University manages in those days the eductional systme of the division is 6 years, liberal art is 5 years. I am to came to Beijing University 1959, graduated 1965. I experienced 3 years of natural disaster with our the most difficult state in 6 years, although the school is very difficult also, but the country still gives us very good safeguard as far as possible, although vegetable is less, but every month we return 32 jins of commissariat is some. The institute of Shanghai plant physiology that after the university graduates, my take an examination ofing goes to a the Chinese Academy of Sciences, when the graduate student, work over subsequently. As a scientific researcher, major while is to making research after graduation, until I am moved to Beijing to hold the position of assistant dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences by 1992, the bottom returned alma mater Beijing University to take up the post of the president 1999.

To an old alumnus that had become 8 years of presidents, what is the appeal of the deepest impression that Beijing University leaves to me, Beijing University after all?

Beijing University is the daring vanguard of Chinese recent history

I am thinking all the time, the tradition of Beijing University is " patriotic, progress, democratic, science " , actually it generalized Beijing University more than 100 years to go after independence to liberate, the action that national seek prosperity reachs since the place in prosperous and strong course. Tell from some kind of meaning, beijing University is the child of the Reform Movement of 1898, although the Reform Movement of 1898 failed, but Beijing University was born. Arrive from the Reform Movement of 1898 May 4th movement of 1919, to the Chinese Communist hold water, fight war Beijing University, Tsinghua to later again, south open university change to establish southwest the United Nations General Assembly to Kunming, arrive all the time on the courtyard department of 50 time adjusts the century, arrive again 2000 Beijing University and boreal cure two school are amalgamative, beijing University had taken long history. The likelihood has some of classmate not to know Yan Yuan's history, we the location of a school that this campus ever was swallow Beijing university, at that time the president of swallow Beijing university is to manage Tu Lei is ascended, although he is in a long time Chinese reputation is not quite good, but candid ground is told, he made a lot of contribution to the development of Chinese higher education, issue swallow Beijing university to become in his leader after all at that time a well known university.
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