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Insist to learn English everyday, the most helpful
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England Laisite is university linguist, elegant think of exam author Keith not long ago of & Professor Taylor did a problem to be in Fuzhou university " English study method " report, oneself 30 old teaching experience and introduction of effective English study method gave authority.

"What should learn is information is not a language "

The square respect range that we want to learn the language of a country to have to know this state. The information of each respect such as the society that should learn English to have to know flower beauty state, economy, humanitarian, history. English is not equal to the interpreter of Chinese; Chinese also is not equal to English interpreter. Learn English, what we should learn is the culture of English country.

Ask everybody to remember: Knowledge of = of Language = Information. The language is information, the language is knowledge. Want to learn English, ask everybody to forget English language itself, the information that contains energy investment to the insitute of language comes up. Know humanitarian knowledge of England and current social condition more as far as possible.

"Spend 17 minutes everyday you can learn English "

Excuse me everybody, where is to learn the place with best English? I should tell everybody here: Be -- bathroom. Bathroom is the best place that learns English actually. Should know a classroom and the best place that is not study English, on classroom, what we can acquire is how to learn. And the good place that bathroom just is study, does the affirmation that be present have the experience that sings when bathe? Really, when bathing, singing is an issue that makes a person satisfied. Next time, everybody mights as well when bathe recite one Duan Ying set phrase. How long should be read aloud? Not long, as long as dichotomy bell is enough. Aloud is recited, hold to aloud to recite dichotomy bell English everyday enough. Want to hold to a few months only, perhaps 3 months, perhaps two months, everybody can discover his English advance rapidly. Believe me, this method is very effective.

In 15 minutes before sleeping you can listen to the program of BBC BBC, namely the Radio4 that our Englishman is familiar with. Remember: It is 15 minutes before sleep. Before why wanting to sleeping 15 minutes? Because sleep when us,this is when, our cerebra did not rest, it still is in keep running. Such our memory virtually got strengthening.

2 minutes in bathroom, add, want 17 minutes only everyday, can learn English. Should ask among them mystery? Actually very simple: We are to be in happy ground to learn. The person is in happy when, study is the most businesslike, the job also is the most businesslike. When everybody is learning English, might as well create such happy environment for oneself. If see a book tired, can see a movie, hear music. If you like chocolate, one can be chewed in the mouth. If you like to drink beer, also can drink on one cup when learn. Learn English to want to taking happy mood to learn, enjoy the fun of study adequately.
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