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How church child humanness conducts oneself in society
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" new 3 words classics " begin says " person at the beginning of, be like Yu Pu, gender and affection, all but model, if do not teach, slant therefore all right, taught course, heart for first " . "Heart " it is the good behavior, law that be an upright person. "Heart for first " in asking family, school, society is developing the process that child health grows namely, put moral education in the first place.

Review the person's lifetime, basically should have done two things: It is to be an upright person, 2 it is to conduct oneself in society. Do bad person, how Where is world of place to go? So, the person is in childhood times, must get education, how is the society an upright person, learn all sorts of social skill even at the same time. Only such, ability realizes good will, enjoy happy life.

In human association, know " reasonable " it is character is reflected loftily. Want to know: In life, the force of character is husk, it can bring boundless joy and happiness to the person's lifetime. The person with big laic exalted case, consider an issue, do a business, understand showing good sense, because this relations with people is certain wrong not. "Wild goose takes tone too, the person leaves behind a good reputation too. " life generation, it is very important to can win a good relations with people. Say on particular significance, "Good person predestined relationship " a kind of capital that is an upright person namely. Far do not say, eventful run is made commonly beside us, can show an issue: Same a thing, the person with good relations with people, conversation, work, everybody is willing to let portion.

Why some of person cannot gain edge of a good person? Generally speaking, outside the person that except specific tone abominable, fame ins disorder, the person with most poor relations with people, with oneself cannot accessibly and person association are concerned, and these philtrum, also thering is no lack of is a few have talent quite or the wide person that have asset. They often secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing, wake a sleeping dog, great-hearted perhaps aloof and proud, bring about everybody sidelong glance.

The person is in boyhood, the society is an upright person is more important than learning knowledge. Experience tells us: Without the mitzvah with that due age, have that age this some everything is painful. Although be opposite,life was full of children enthusiastic, was full of to the life envisage, yearning to was full of. But they see little sign few after all, not deep also to the experience of the life, the favor reason that understands consequently also is hazy, specious. So, children need elder member of family most people with type of a kind of friend, be full of the milk of human kindness, contain manages at affection teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, go education and penitentiary them, make their as soon as possible learns how of reasonable be an upright person and conduct oneself in society.
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