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Free child care first commenced seventy students tutoring division when feedin
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Yesterday afternoon, the Home Economics Association held in Qingdao, the city's first dedicated children for college students tutor training course held in the city of love Sister Service officially commenced, more than seventy female students took to the road of becoming a nursery teacher. After two months of study, the women, such as feeding by specialist qualification examination, will be the young preschool workers. Ai Xin Zhou teacher Sister Service introduction, Service to open a free child-care training course for many years, this is Shouqi courses specifically for college students, a total of 150 students came to 报名, after more than seventy after selection get a free Training qualifications. The training covers the characteristics of infant development, mental development, assessment of infant development and implementation of individualized education programs, but also hired the famous Castle early education experts to teach infants and young children. This reporter learned that, after two months of training courses, more than seventy students will be taking the exam students, those who pass will be issued by the labor department nursery teacher accreditation, recommended by the Association for posts at home, wages per month 1400-2000 yuan. At present, loving Sister Service needs of families are welcome to the first batch of students kindergartners booking, reservation telephone 83085498.

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