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Family education opportunities and challenges
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And school education, social education and education as the three pillars of the modern family education, this year through an unusual year. On the one hand, the "National Family Education Guidance Outline" and "national long-term educational reform and Development Plan (2101-2020)" were introduced, to promote family education around the building in full swing. On the other hand, there are many problems of family education in China, the difficulties should not be ignored. Premier Wen Jiabao held this year, the National Education Conference pointed out that "a new starting point in a comprehensive plan for educational reform and development." Family education, care and support of many people who are thinking, planning, action, to promote family education in the new starting point and start again. Vigorous development of family education, three major challenges must be tackled "CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening and improving ideological and moral construction of a number of opinions" issued six years, the development of family education in China are larger. Organization and mobilization work to enhance: Women's federations at all levels in close cooperation and education administrative departments, to strengthen family education guidance and services. Number of family education activities: activities of small civic morality, education and promotion practice dual eligible families to promote family education as an effective carrier. Left groups such as migrant children get attention: China Women's Federation and other departments to carry out the "Clean Air" National Rural Home Care Campaign migrant children, migrant children for the parents left behind in rural areas to provide guidance and assistance. Meanwhile, the family education also faces challenges in three areas: social support system of family education behind; parent's own education and quality significantly behind; family education guidance of theory, method backward. This year, the China Family Education seize new opportunities and seek a breakthrough in the field of legislation. February, China's first family education guidance document "National Home Education Guidance Outline" release of all ages described elements of family education; July, "National long-term educational reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" issued , many involving parents, families and family education and specifically mentioned "family education in the youth and give full play an important role in the growth process." Family Education Legislation: entered a substantive stage "National long-term educational reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" request, "to develop the examinations, schools, lifelong learning, preschool education, family education, and other laws", ten years to complete the task of family education, legislation has been placed in all before. Associate Dean Professor Li Mingshun Chinese woman presented, family education, family education legislation is standardized, professional, systematic development, its fundamental purpose is to protect family health and overall development. You need to clear the contents of state organs, enterprises, social organizations, parents and guardians of family education responsibility, and family education to strengthen market supervision, building a comprehensive social support system. Former Vice-China Women's Federation, Chinese family, said Liu Hairong, vice president of Education Society, the family involved in a wide range of educational legislation, time-consuming as short as three to five years, or as long as eight years, need to open the door legislation, listen to all views and seize hands. Tutoring together: government, society and parents identify the location of "CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening and improving ideological and moral construction of a number of Opinions": should family education and social education, school education closely together. Introduced this year's "national long-term educational reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) to" encourage "schools, families, society closely with" nurture talent. How this concept into a reality, people are exploring the way: all levels of government in the planning, financial support, organizational guarantee. China Women's Federation, said the news from the current 22 provinces and autonomous regions of family education expenses, many provinces in the red-letter written to family education, educational development of local second Five Year Plan. Under the government-led social organizations to play professional advantage, the performance of professional services. June of this year, Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Family Center in Beijing, Qingdao care Publishing Group signed an agreement to cooperate to establish "school parent committees project in Shandong Province." Project team entrusted with building schools in the province to promote parent committees to promote family education. Shandong Province, the introduction of creative enterprises and social organizations, parents, for family education to build a platform for the Commission to effectively attract the participation of many parents. Tutoring industry: more to deepen and diversify the content There are indications that, by 2010, Chinese families have a new means of communication education in the development of practitioners also for deepening the understanding of family education. This year in October, the National Internet site in Nanjing, parents, schools opened. Web site by the National Women's Federation, China Society of Family Education, China Mobile Communications Corporation co-sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Education, parents around the site with links to Wang Xiao achieved. Years of practice that a comprehensive view of family education, above all, the construction of family relationships, especially couples in love, and then is how to educate their children. Beijing Care Family Center Executive Director Qian Hong Lin's remarks, that contemporary educators is to update the family perspective of the problem, to create for family education in contemporary China. China ZHAO Zheng, vice president of Family Education Association, said: We must promote and support family education and discipline, and encouraging, nurturing family education and scientific research published, as soon as possible and strive to nurture more home family education researchers and educators.

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