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Department of Education regulation Changshan strike out "paid tutor"
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"Key and difficult knowledge, tutoring in the classroom do not speak about" and "not to participate in tutoring is not to the learning materials", "tutor to the family burden of tuition fees ... ..." Some teachers privately run weekend classes, tutorial, summer school of the "paid tutor "troubled many parents. Reporter learned yesterday from Changshan County Board of Education, some in-service teachers for the current profit for the purpose of engaging in "paid tutor" phenomenon, the county Department of Education recently issued a "Changshan County Board of Education on the prevention and treatment behavior of primary and secondary school teachers paid tutor number of observations (Trial) ", the" opinions "will be January 1, 2011 officially implemented. "Opinions" expressly identified five categories of conduct, paid tutor behavior: 1, fees for classes, make up classes or counseling; 2, implied or induce students to participate in the paid service teachers held classes, make up classes or counseling activities; introduction to mobilize students for others, to provide students of educational institutions outside; 3, for their own family members (or relatives) introduces students organized tutoring agencies, to help school or job counseling; 4, held at the school or school fees and charges various training courses classes puts in a lot (in the county except for Youth Palace puts in a lot); 5, the other should be identified as paid tutor behavior. "Opinions" formally implemented, any breach of the provisions of paid tutor, once verified, we must lay off up classes and all other costs, for serious, strong social repercussions or knowingly, incorrigible, wind and discipline, the handling is still not listening to advice to continue to engage Paid Family activities, Changshan County Board of Education will be given notice of criticism or administrative action, be dismissed particularly severe treatment. In addition, ineffective schools Prevention paid tutor, and occurred many times paid tutor behavior, adverse repercussions in the community, in dealing with violation of teachers will be held at the same time the leadership of the school principal.

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