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Marxist Education A Good Doctor to carry out activities
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November 17, Nankai University doctoral student branch of Marxism Institute of Education members, led by the branch secretary Li Shihui, a famous historian, Professor, Nankai University, Wei Hong, Honorary President of Institute of Modern Chinese History Mr. Yun's home to visit, everyone warm reception Mr. Wei, combined with his personal experience on how to read some of the problems with scholarship students had a cordial conversation. Mr. Wei to tell you he entered in 1948, Nankai University since sixty years, the state and the school's tremendous changes, combined with his personal experience to share with you elaborate on the proper attitude of acquiring knowledge and methods. Students interested in the topic from time to time to ask Mr. Xiang Wei. Eighty-year-old Mr Wei still quick thinking, language, clarity, sense of humor, and tireless, his pen stopped working, often hand-written scholarly articles. In conversation , Wei also asked about the presence of every kind the students of research and doctoral thesis, and encouraged all topics should be small, to "fuss", so deep and meticulous; write a paper to practical hard work, innovation. Mr. Wei to Several students Zengyan: "go its own way, to write their own history," to encourage them to forge ahead after the study.

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