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New Years money there is nothing new English tutor for your Disney video
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Lunar New Year approaching, the New Year's money and New Year gifts are young children at home the most anticipated New Year. And for educational awareness of parents, in recent years has become a representation of lucky money, more and more parents are choosing gift of entertaining New Year's gift to express love to grow younger. Gift market, although all groups of children a wide range of electronic products, such as the sound of English e-books, etc., but many of them full of content pirates, content not guarantee the quality, small-minded inferior sound, and even frequent spelling errors, but fraught. Coupled with electronic sound books lack of content updates, e-books has become a "dead letter", in a very short period of time, almost immediately to keep up with education. Content quality protection, but also update the content on-demand "tutoring-type electronic products," the most junior of the English language tuition for young people to education. Among them, industry experts recognized by the Education Ukan "Disney Favorites" electronic products, can have similar needs for parents to choose from. Ukan "Disney Favorites" is the network is still cultural development, by the United States duly authorized by the Walt Disney Company Disney film and television content digital entertainment electronics products, is exclusive in the country. This product will provide young people and other home users a new, high-definition, genuine Disney animated films and television shows on demand. It's available in English and Chinese subtitles and English voice can be pure joy to guide children to learn English, and safe for children to Disney video content is also healthy, positive values nurtured, parents worry. Includes not only the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Donald Duck Club" and other classic animation, also has the nation's most fiery, "Hannah Montana", "High School Musical" and other programs. It can be said, Ukan "favorite Disney" is a digital TV the perfect combination of entertainment and education. Ukan "Favorite Disney" looks like a U disk, compact and easy to carry, Mickey looks cool let the children put it down. Consumers through the network is still cultural Ukan "favorite Disney" the latest Disney Channel growing film and television programs, synchronized with the global children to watch the latest and most complete Disney television programs to meet the needs of continually updated content .

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