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Research training next year as the tutor of Changsha 1 + N
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"Changsha next year, or be ascertained 'tutor card'," the news, many potential candidates for college students and the public is very concerned about. Some parents think, "tutor card" does not necessarily representative of the strength of the teacher, tutor, or the key is good or bad effects of parental responsibility, teaching experience. National Teacher Training Centre for tutoring, training courses, mode "1 + N" in the form, "1" for the public infrastructure necessary course selection, training, use of teaching methods and skills such as; "N" on behalf of secondary language, mathematics, physics, elementary General (arithmetic + language + English), art, etc., students can choose one or more doors, completion of training before taking part in certification exams, the pass issued by the Ministry after the National People's Insurance division tutoring vocational training certificate. Training time was 3 months early next year plans to promote the project in Changsha.

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