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Students start business Zatan facing three threshold
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And Guo Chen talk, he talked a lot about the Bill. Gates and Dell. He said the two men is typical business students, a technical genius, one marketing expert. The great achievements they have attracted many> college students eager to start impulse. However, when Guo Chen real "sea", they found themselves "travel" very tired.

Guo Chen is the Inner Mongolia University sophomore. He had foreseen his future employment problems to be faced, "the streets are now looking for graduates to eat, to my school look like?" Therefore, he consciously develop their ability to adapt to the market. When looking for tutors had been "black agency" through deceit, he played expertise to create a "network of Inner Mongolia tutor" for students to provide professional, formal tutoring intermediary services. More than two months later, members tutor network has grown to more than 800 people, but his difficult position the company fell into that as a "manager", he also played with PHS can not afford. At the same time, a lot of energy into his studies but also out in force.

Hohhot, the Inner Party Organization Department, the Communist Youth League City recently "organized their own businesses in Hohhot Youth Talent Training of the" Show: current problems of youth groups, a lot of their own businesses, they are eager to get the relevant government departments to guide.

Survey their own businesses in the whole group of young college graduates with strong entrepreneurial aspirations, but the main reason is the business face greater employment pressure, in addition to their own businesses are the success stories of young students in particular, to seek their own businesses power.

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia is the most concentrated urban universities, more than 80% year college students want to stay in Hohhot, but many students after graduation is difficult to find satisfactory jobs, and thus the initiation of the idea of their own businesses. Some of them said that the development of society they choose their own businesses is the motivation.

Talking about business, Guo Chen's "partners", the same as Inner Mongolia and a sophomore Baifu Jun also repeatedly shouted difficult. He told reporters, because they are "poor students" in a serious shortage of funds, it makes some businesses do not want to work with them. Competition in the market at the same time, students are also difficult to have a background of professional firms to compete, to survive tough inevitable.

Although all levels of government has been advocating for business students, some university students to start a business or even give up a valuable studies, but it did that, college students less successful venture, more than losers. Experts believe that college students face the start of "three threshold."

Funds Hom. "Make bricks without straw," and no money, no matter how difficult the innovative technology into real productivity. Creativity is a flower, but the money is water, able to attract creative capital will eventually wither. Undoubtedly, students venture capital is the first big mountain to climb. Students such as Inner Mongolia University of Technology developed a road snow removal machine, is desperate for funds, resulting in the project can not function properly.

Technology Hom. Currently, most of Inner Mongolia University Students entrepreneurs engaged in the service industry, service industry, low technology threshold, capture the market need is more time. How to develop products with their own independent intellectual property rights, which is more important for students to start. Experts point out that many students failed business, a major reason for this is ignored technological innovation.

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