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Chinese family education
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The job / school abode:
Surpass rarely area
On-the-job teacher information
Hold a post school category:
Average junior high school
Hold the post of education division:
Title grade:
One class teacher learns in
Of school age:
8 years
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Elementary school Chinese, elementary school maths, elementary school English, first one first 2 Chinese, first first 2 English, first one dyad learns first (algebra) , first 3 Chinese, tall one Chinese, chinese of second year in high school,
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
Can teach students in accordance of their aptitude, grab from the foundation, make the student learns to be gotten somewhat. Have rich teaching experience, have distinctive teaching method, be good at writing, be good at communicating with the student. The job is hardheaded, do not beg to the queen's taste, but beg feel no regret at the heart. The student needs, I am accomplished hard.
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Surpass rarely area, the Huis area, jade spring area, new the city zone, huhhot city 36 in, 18 in around, can take 57, 5, 62, 55, 38, 71, 59, 36 buses.
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Salary requirement:
20 yuan / hour
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