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English family education
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The job / school abode:
Hold a gram in the palm to hold a county in the palm
On-the-job teacher information
Hold a post school category:
Average junior high school
Hold the post of education division:
Title grade:
2 class teacher learns in
Of school age:
3 years
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Elementary school English, first first 2 English, first 3 English, tall English, english of second year in high school, tall 3 English, english 4 class, english 6 class,
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
Already passed English major 8 class
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Hold a gram in the palm to hold a county in the palm, tuoketuo inside the county
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Salary requirement:
15-20 yuan / hour

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