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Beijing began a regulation to attend class on September 1 cannot antedate at 8 o
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The State Council decides from Summer 2008 semester rises, avoid urban obligation in the round pedagogic incidental expenses. This policy reachs benefit the 28.21 million student of middle and primary school of twenty-five thousand nine hundred cities of countrywide, it is the project of another important the people's livelihood after afterwards country obligation teachs funds to ensure a mechanism to reform, it is the another major move that prompts obligation to teach fairness of balanced development, stimulative education. This mark is worn our country is formed urban and rural the obligation that plan as a whole teachs Pu Hui system, it is another milepost that our country teachs Yo history to go up. Wang Peng of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Still have 3 days, 1 million middle and primary school give birth to Beijing will receive new term. Reporter yesterday (on August 28, similarly hereinafter) from this city (Beijing, similarly hereinafter) many middle school understands, because city teachs appoint the regulation had each middle and primary school on September 1 school schooltime must not antedate at 8 o'clock, arrangement began the most middle school of the first class to had revised school timetable in the near future before 8 o'clock in the past, defer schooltime in the future 15 differ to 30 minutes.

Yesterday, sunny area teachs appoint concerned controller expresses, next month will publish specific plan to school time in the morning to the student. The city zone teachs on the west appoint chief says, this area elementary school basically is to attended class at 8 o'clock, partial middle school is arranged between class hour of early before last at 7 o'clock half, the school timetable of middle school new term that these antedating that attended class at 8 o'clock must undertake adjustment.

"Since September 1, 20 minutes are delayed after our schooltime will compare last term. " east Beijing of the city zone 2 in cent school chief discloses, this school attended class 7:40 so, according to teachs appoint the regulation is adjusted at 8 o'clock, that day next course is ordinal after pushing 20 minutes. According to introducing, 2 in cent school arranges tax of 7 collective education everyday, every class 40 minutes, at the same time the student still can choose a course of take as an elective course of one's own accord everyday, this school student is in school study time far under

Teach appoint upper limit of 8 hours of the regulation. As we have learned, haidian area head division old attached middle school delays 15 minutes after new term schooltime, on the west Beijing of the city zone 4 in the first class begins time to will defer half hours than before.

Begin time hind to delay besides first class, partial school still cancelled to study by oneself in scheduled time and be read early early on the school timetable of new term. As we have learned, in new term on the west the area county such as city, Xuan Wu still will send a person to undertake checking to each school school timetable, forbidden school begins collective to teach education activity to the front of 8 o'clock ahead of schedule under the counter.
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