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Wuhan avoids what school receiving choose is born to learn incidental expenses
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Reporter yesterday teachs a branch to learn from Wuhan city, New term terms begins, after school of school collection choose is expended, give birth to collection to learn incidental expenses to choose school no longer. This is meant, read a few popular " fair ginseng civilian " the student of the school, avoid hand in learn incidental expenses. In addition, High school " 3 be restricted to be born " paid choose school fee, avoid pay the tuition fee.

This year, the course clears and standard, wuhan city has 23 to change make school (among them junior high school 16 place, elementary school 7) the standard is fair education school participate school of held run by the local people (namely " fair ginseng civilian " the school) . The school gives birth to 12 thousand yuan to expenses of school of choose of 18 thousand yuan of collection by every.

Press a regulation, "Fair ginseng civilian " after school of school collection choose is expended, close no longer learn incidental expenses, only collection book copies cost, adopt according to solid collection. Offer accommodation condition, by the accommodation of approval cost standard is carried out. The school does not get do sth without authorization to raise rate or covert collection is other charge.

High school " 3 be restricted to be born " after pay choose school is expended, avoid pay the tuition fee, only pay book copies cost. It is with provincial demonstrative high school exemple, "The instruction is unripe " need pay tuition, book to copy cost about 800 multivariate, "3 be restricted to be born " use only hand in a book to copy cost 200 multivariate.


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