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Enhance 10 kinds of of confidence of the university entrance exam effective meth
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Enhance 10 kinds of of confidence of the university entrance exam effective methods

One, should learn to smile

The person is in confident when often beaming with satisfaction, the face brings smile, and the person is in when losing confidence often woebegone, downhearted, the face takes worried look. Laughing is the expression that makes a person confident, it is the exterior expression of person heart joy, laughing at the confidence with the person to experience is consistent, promote each other with self-confident heart of the person, self-confident heart makes the person is full of a smile, the smile makes a person more confident, both and mutual generation promotes action.

Accordingly, I suggest examinee learns to smile, often smile. The society sends the smile from the heart, confidence can rise in the develop in the heart, I still suggest examinee opens laugh of a person's mind a few times to the mirror everyday.

2, hold out a bosom to look up on foot

The person is external pose and pace are with the person's heart the experience is having affinity, the person looks up in bosom of confident Shi Ting, walk along a road to come pace adamancy is strong, rate is a bit rapid also. The person can lower his head when losing confidence bend one's back, walk along a road to come downhearted, pace soft continous, rate is slow.

Examinee often holds out a bosom to look up, walk pace adamancy is strong. Rate is a bit rapid, conduce to the confidence that strengthens examinee.

3, apply active autosuggestion

Understand according to me, many examinee get before the university entrance exam inactive suggestion is more, go against the buildup of own confidence. I suggest examinee is in for reference in the process, autosuggestion is applied to change his state of mind according to his circumstance in exam around, will strengthen oneself confidence. For example, the silent in the heart reads aloud, I have actual strength, I am capable, I will be successful, I can succeed certainly. This kind language suggestion can rise to enhance the action of examinee confidence.

4, do not call fatigue tactics

A lot of examinee do fatigue tactics, study time is very long, do in the evening especially at 12 o'clock, was even, at 2 o'clock. Such making that examinee is exhausted, make examinee the following day downhearted, class hour bends over to sleep on the desk on, the mood of this kind of fatigue be agitated can make person confidence abate. And examinee arranges time of good work and rest, in a planned way has measure geoscience to review, take study time seriously to take study efficiency seriously again already, such examinee have feeling of rhythm of a kind of biology and psychological rhythm feeling, be helpful for strengthening confidence.

5, do not believe superstition

In last few years the telephone call that I receive a few candidate for an entrance examination constantly, narrated them to hear what and body have what to experience. I think these will produce an effect to their exam, form inactive suggestion, influence mood, impact confidence. Some examinee tell me, heard a crow to cry in the morning, think this is ill-fated, mean the university entrance exam to may suffer a defeat, actually this is the thing that cannot believe, actually nonexistent the destiny that numinous force will come to control examinee, the destiny of examinee masters in him hand, by the study of examinee actual strength and state of mind are decided.
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