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Shandong regulation middle and primary school does not allow to give a student t
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The school of middle and primary school of Shandong, class does not allow an in any way to announce student exam result, do not allow to give a student the rank by exam achievement second, also do not allow to achievement or proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade discharge the place to the teacher or serve as the main standard of evaluation and teacher of rewards and punishment in order to take an exam. This is newest the Shandong that announce saves average middle and primary school to manage the content in basic standard.

Shandong asks to carry out daily exam not to have fractional evaluation in the round in middle and primary school, promote the evaluation system that the student develops in the round in order to build. The comprehensive assessment means that school of compulsory education level executes achievement of student school work and union of growing record photograph.

Student of junior high school executes the integrated quality that develops a target to be main content with school work exam and fundamental sex to evaluate a system, achievement of school work exam and grade of evaluation of target of fundamental sex development regard a student as the main basis of graduation and enter a higher school. The school establishs integrated, dynamic growing record for every student, reflect growing course of the student in the round.

Evaluation of achievement of school work of elementary school student implements the evaluation measure of daily evaluation and union of final evaluation photograph, achievement assess executes grade to make (it is A, B, C, D commonly 4 grade) . Not all sorts of organization, tube-shaped part that do not play to teach service to approve without city class above are taken an examination of, couplet take an examination ofing or other event, study the activity such as class.

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