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Elementary school plans to push toward 9 evening 5 education department does not
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An elementary school is about to carry out abide by justice before this " toward 9 evening 5 " time of work and rest, although 9 express to hold with into much parent, but door of local Ministry of Education still was made recently " do not grant to approve " written instructions. Concerned personage says, "Toward 9 evening 5 " do not accord with active educational rule not only, return the study quality that can affect a student.

Before this, elementary school of rising sun of area of hillock of safflower of city of abide by justice plans to reform time of active work and rest, carry out " toward 9 evening 5 " , saying is to change the child to feel black go out go to school, as a result sleeps bad, have bad state. School just say, when parent of entire school student is accepting investigation, of 94% cast ay, support reform.

Nevertheless, safflower hillock area teachs a branch to did not approve this one measure of sunny elementary school.

Concerned personage expresses, great majority person especially pupil is in the energy in the morning relatively concentration, study effect is apparent, and meet afternoon " sell at a discount " . If carry out " toward 9 evening 5 " , can reduce the study time in the morning actually, affect study quality of the child already, become aggravating again the child's burden.

To the reform that sunny elementary school is about to pursue, a few personages also express group of education of abide by justice to object clearly, having representative point of view is: The adjustment of time of school work and rest, it is the project of a system, involve course to adjust already, affect the butt joint of whole education system again, not be simple change time.

In addition, also the viewpoint says: At present the work and rest of most student parent was not carried out " toward 9 evening 5 " , if school rigid is carried out, this meeting throws into confusion the life rule of most family.

Who did circumstance of unripe Morpheus of middle and primary school investigate to strip Morpheus time of the child?

The reporter is in Shijiazhuang city when the 15th middle school is interviewed, parent of a student says: My child is read first 3, achievement calculates in the class pretty good, but should go up in the evening everyday night studies by oneself in scheduled time, there still is one pile operation after coming home. Usually the child sleeps after 11 o'clock in the evening, got up partly at 5 o'clock in the morning, can sleep 7 hours calculate very good.

A student tells a reporter, somebody sums up a high school student to rise earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog, work morer than the ox. Either I am not dozy, it is to do not have time to sleep really. Ensure not less than Morpheus of 9 hours lack the high school student at all maneuverability. Our lesson burden pressure of exam of so heavy, enter a higher school is so great, who dare assure to us?

Shijiazhuang city makes rich Liu Chunyan of teacher of 5 grade Chinese says China grade elementary school, at present the school asks to learn unripe morning 7 when have to arrive 50 minutes school, the student rises early, very painstaking, the teacher is more painstaking nevertheless, should arrive earlier than the student in the morning everyday school.
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