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I wish " value moral personal integrity more " become a kind to direct
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Before half an year, a schoolboy of second year in high school that is called Zhao Long jumps daringly into the sea, carrying 4 meters tall billow on the head, save the little boy that had to drown. After half an year, answer dawn attached middle school learns to show itself in the key that this achievement ranks 30 right-and-left students to be like the cloud in the strong opponent however on the class, gained the rare opportunity that heads for communication of American high school one year.

This message attracted the eyeball of a lot of people, also aroused a few controversy however. (on March 1 " Yangtse Evening Post " )

Somebody is right this " a bit accident " , think must outstanding no matter take what standard to come,arrive judge is very outstanding. The meaning below character, the standard with this student and unripe communication has difference. And president Xie Yingping expresses clearly, evaluate a student cannot only achievement talking, and should value moral personal integrity more, this is the school intended and do it. Those who happen to have the same view is, school of American high school square viewpoint and Xie Yingping agree completely. They think, although Zhao Long's grade is average, but his integrated quality is very good, especially his brave spirit, it is the primary quality of an outstanding citizen, it is a requirement with successful life. Accordingly, the United States just is willing to decide Zhao Long is formal communication to be born, offer sum scholarship.

We are congratulated in Xiang Zhaolong's classmate while, should admire answer dawn attached middle school is led more not only achievement, insist to come with integrated quality the practice of judge student. Should say, be in what should try educational bad old practices die hard today, arrange of this with one action, have oriented sense very much, heavy to overcoming " wisdom " light " heart " the tendency, incentive student heart, wisdom, body, beautiful, fatigue develops in the round, have urge action actively.

Long-term since, only achievement talking has the market very much in a few schools. Student achievement is good, be in the school is good student, good child is in the home, in the society it is good citizen. And slant to waiting in a few achievement the student below, often be the teacher distains, parental disappointment, relatives and friends despises, cause them to carry do not come at first, lose self-confidence individually even, was on a blind alley. Jiangsu too storehouse city Sha Xi is advanced small glow of schoolgirl of middle school second year in high school (alias) , it is the good student of class of the best of its kind formerly, because final history and politics were not taken an examination of good, affected the rank in class, arrive with respect to " be washinged out by " differ not far average class learns. Because study pressure is enormous, small glow chose finally not to put in a road 's charge, took pesticide to commit suicide. (on Feburary 28 " contemporary wall bulletin " ) this has to say is another victim that should try education. Answer dawn attached middle school changes " only achievement is talked " , acting in order to use talented person of integrated quality choose, it is correspondence tries education not only " only achievement is talked " big impact, also be the one big philanthropic project that implements executive obligation to teach a law.
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