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Chen Xiaoya: Formal name president answers in quiet education not implicit and l
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"Ministry of Education had not judged " state level to show " of plasticity high school, but we also do not object the place looks through judging this category and driving phase of local high school to teach evolution. " Chen Xiaoya of undersecretary of Ministry of Education learned president congress to go up in the 2nd China recently, be aimed at the blundering ethos that at present a few middle schools exist, "Be without reservation " the earth's surface amounted to her to teach evolution to high school phase period make: The society of formal name president affects muscularity in, more run a school quietly, not implicit society is low idea.

"Renown school " how inheritance " renown " gas

The conference discloses, at present the whole nation has many 40 middle and primary school, have president of many 40 middle and primary school, guiding ten million name teaching and administrative staff of middle and primary school is versed in, teach and affecting more than 200000000 middle and primary school to be born. Still there is no lack of in the center various demonstrative sex high school, become in various places " educational bibcock " .

How does school of hundred years old school, name develop below new condition, how is inheritance carried on " renown " enrage? Ministry of Education set many tasks to consider at this point, but the inheritance more that Chen Xiaoya says an officer should rely on him school to carry out. But a bit more crucial, what is the characteristic that every place name school must understand him, cannot 1000 school one side, echo what other says, "Should be united in wedlock with progress of local economy society " .

About this topic, hua Na Normal University is accessary middle school school grow Wu Ying civilian to have feeling greatly.

"The configuration as educational natural resources is progressively and balanced change, key of finance of country of former times daily expense gives aid to the advantage of development will disappear gradually. " Wu Ying civilian says, develop to get used to new condition, this school put forward " collectivize development is politic " and " international development is politic " . Former point to participate in " school of run by the local people " construction, give aid to school of impoverished area weakness and build with school of circumjacent area brother " synergic system " , key school to " collectivize " develop, radiate of natural resources of will high grade education is broader area; Latter concludes through as outstanding as international school " sister school " relation, with international education orgnaization associated education is built " international ministry " wait for means, learn in the key " do poineering work 2 times " in take internationalization way.

How is innovation talent fostered

"Without doubt the middle school is the responsibility that wants education of the foundation since bear, but put forward as what the country establishs innovation state goal at the same time, the middle school also should bear the heavy responsibility that has education innovation talented person, not be to spell time, spell energy, want to be discussed how to develop the person with ability that gets used to requirement of construction innovation state however. " Chen Xiaoya put forward " intractable " task.
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