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To the whole nation obligation of 150 million country teachs level to learn to say natively, nowadays is the good time that caught happiness really. December 2007, they are avoided entirely handed in learn incidental expenses; Summer 2007, according to the deploy of the State Council, they enjoyed national course schoolbook entirely again completely free, spring terms begins this year, also will realize even local course schoolbook entirely free. How to let plan of this benefit civil administration fall to real point? Our newspaper reporter interviewed foundation of Ministry of Education to teach department, financial department to concern chief at this point.

Ask: From Summer 2007 semester begins, central finance teachs level student to supply the text book of national course freely to countrywide country obligation.

We understand, because the schoolbook charge of autumn student had been handed in last year, so how will be the job that quits cost begun?

Answer: Begin from Summer 2007, free schoolbook policy covers central finance all students that enlarge countrywide country obligation to teach level, raise pay every year many yuan 130. Already entire troops under one's command amounts to finance capital in the center of last year. Current each district wants the requirement according to the Ministry of finance and Ministry of Education, had done the following works:

It is to want seasonable full specified amount is fulfilled and capital of make known to lower levels. Various finance department wants the place free schoolbook is special in the center of seasonable make known to lower levels capital. To finance is accessorial in the center of the prep above of charge of national course schoolbook of collection of Qiu Shi border 2007 standard part, various finance department wants the place to plan fund on the foundation that checks seriously, give complemental, be the same as nowadays to amount to with central capital. Provincial finance department should fulfil good capital as a whole, department of prefectural class finance should be in get free text book fund make known to lower levels of full specified amount reachs the school inside 10 weekday after special fund.

2 it is to want deadline to return what the student already handed in Summer 2007 charge of national course schoolbook. Various education service should strengthen the organization of the job that remove fee and management, calculate the capital of national course schoolbook that needs to return a student well and truly, reach times to accuse door of Ministry of finance, had done the communication chime with door of Ministry of finance to move the work. Want to put forward to make clear a requirement to school leadership, make sure special fund is special, forbidden hold back, crowded occupy, divert is free schoolbook is special capital. The school should establish working party, make working program and working hours list, check seriously should withdraw fund, ensure total exactly the number returns the fee of national course schoolbook that pays the student inside 30 weekday after receiving special fund, accomplish " how much to receive, how much to retreat " . In the meantime, do not get an in any way to collect the schoolbook fee December 2008 beforehand to the student.
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