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Ministry of Education allots 7 announcements to ask to stabilize value of dish o
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Development of Ministry of Education plans to manage vice director Zhang Taiqing accepts special report of Chinese government net this afternoon, " price of meal of stable student dining room, do good student dining room to work " as online as the netizen communication. Zhang Taiqing points out, to stabilize value of meal of student dining room, ministry of Education had specific aim ground to allot 7 announcements early or late, look from summer condition, it is good that the effect should say, go up in prices below the case with a long time of big, continuance, assured the basic stability of price of meal of student dining room.

Zhang Taiqing says, ministry of Education had specific aim ground to allot 7 announcements early or late, requirement each district teachs branch and college to recognize the value that student dining room works adequately, strengthen dining room management in the round, cogent had implemented concerned policy, increase necessary allowance, stabilize value of meal of student dining room, care the life of student of domestic economy difficulty, do good conduct propaganda to explain the job to broad student, expedite inspection team to undertake checking to circumstance of college student dining room.

Zhang Taiqing introduces, to reduce school burden, reduce student dining room to run cost, national hair changes appoint allotted jointly with Ministry of Education " the announcement that concerns an issue about price of gas of school water and electricity " (hair change the value [2007]2463 date) , specific provision uses phone to school teacher and student and student life, use phone by the dweller respectively with the water, price that use gas, carry out with the water, price that use gas; Department of Commerce asks branch of local business affairs strengthens the connection with college dining room, cooperate those who make good meat provision to decide a dot to be offerred continuously, preferential in arranging those who lay in the flesh to put in supply college dining room.

Zhang Taiqing points out, government of people of central finance, each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government arranges finance in succession special fund, allowance student dining room, in order to stablizes meal price. In the meantime, organization of trade of rear services of department of each district education, college and college increased concentration to purchase strength further, leave no stone unturned reduces cost of stock of raw material of student dining room.

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