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Intense teacher puts forward echo of plan of 2008 Jiangsu wise move 3 great tang
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After recruit students of average 2008 college admits method to announce, Jiangsu province causes intense echo socially. Yesterday, courtyard of Jiangsu province exam is in Nanjing one in hold 2008 the university entrance exam to admit plan to explain to public meeting, many middle school presidents and case of teacher the other side posed his quandary.

Bemused one: Student how " hold " professional

"Our teacher knew plan lane, ability goes grooming student and parent ah. " can go up in the specification, the operation that many middle school teachers offer proposal of the other side cannot accurate understanding and hold. Money of China middle school tells a reporter into vice-president, 8 years recruit students plan just emerged, had not passed test and verify, the requirement that proofreads grade high now did not come out, is the requirement of major of renown school famous brand what kind of after all, do not wear to be being felt at all for student and teacher bottom. Course of for example take as an elective course should read order and degree, but the student acquires what kind of, teacher to teach after all what kind of everybody does not know, and because grade of course of take as an elective course is,differentiate in proportion, because this gets A this,get B to see the course number that the student picks even. Do not have to the student at present other answered plan, learn as far as possible only, every do not want do one thing and neglect another. "The headings in an account book of big take as an elective course austral for example wants A and A, the student that takes an examination of well is cast, but arrived how does this link get major after all? If be popular major,was swarmed, how should be the college chosen again. Before the detailed rules of the college did not come out, to the student, the major that thinks of oneself are admired in the heart still assumes a lot of variable. The major that thinks of oneself are admired in the heart still assumes a lot of variable..

Bemused 2: Unity and coherence in writing is underlined apart, learn civil whether be in an unfavorable situation

So, does recruit students of 8 years admit plan what to effect you can have to student selection science department? A middle school president that does not wish to disclose a full name is analysed, from the point of the influence of plan itself, the member that some schools often appear to use the student goes to liberal art class, because liberal art notchs,nod more easily than science department it seems that, and the certain student that is aroused before two years to turn to liberal art also got some of petty gain really. A few variable can appear in light of the plan from this year nevertheless. "In light of the information that leaks from authoritative branch at present, this year the compares liberal art number of Gao Sanxue science department is only slightly much, and the collection access of liberal art of science department comparing is a lot of more however, and this new the university entrance exam admits plan the method that actually the college can adopt unity and coherence in writing to be underlined respectively afresh, of that message division go competing the recruit students quota of people of liberal art, tell from this angle, the proportion that liberal art admits should compare science department little. The proportion that liberal art admits should compare science department little..
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