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Tianjin is compulsory this year free schoolbook part uses educational level circ
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Tianjin city taught a few days ago appoint allotted " the announcement that about part of student of compulsory education phase free schoolbook uses circularly " , provide the concerned provision of schoolbook about teaching level student freely to obligation according to the State Council and municipal government, this city begins to teach level freely to supply text book to obligation from this year, implementation obligation teachs level part schoolbook to will begin to be used circularly from this year. This is this city construction is managing model society, support is energy-saving a of the job that decrease a platoon significant move, also be a when begin moral education to adolescent serious content at the same time.

It is reported, from Summer 2008 semester begins, the elementary school that the student of 9 years of compulsory education level of rural that offers text book freely by the country uses " foreign language " (3 to 6 grade) , " scientific " (3 to 6 grade) , " moral character and life " (1 to 2 grade) , " moral character and society, junior high school " sports " , " music " , " art " or " artistic " etc 3 course schoolbook is uniform execute a loop to use. The schoolbook nonperformance of the other subject that belongs to national course is used circularly. The national course Central Africa that place of student of the city zone uses advocate the loop is executed to use again after division schoolbook waits for a country to be offerred freely. From Summer 2009 semester begins, the belongs to local course elementary school that offers freely by the country " happy English " (1 to 2 grade) , " Tianjin and world " (3 to 6 grade) , " discovery and explore " (3 to 6 grade) , " write with calligraphy " (, junior high school " learn wisdom " (7 grade) , " mental health " (7 grade) , " legal heaven and earth " (8 grade) , " the life is scientific " (8 grade) , " forward position of science and technology " (9 grade) , " social profession " (9 grade) .

City teachs appoint requirement, each area county and school should strengthen relevant education, education student cherishs the good convention of schoolbook and the good moral character that are other consider; Guide a student to raise the resource conservation, consciousness that protects an environment ceaselessly; Do good guidance and the rehabilitate that examine damaged text book in time to work. Each area county and school should strengthen the government that uses text book to circulating, the text book that wants to be used circularly to every student at the beginning of semester undertakes registering; Should go out to turning in semester, the schoolbook that turns into the student to be used circularly gives respectively chase after close and extend; The text book that neat all student uses circularly should receive before semester end has a holiday, do good cancel after verification, classify seriously, repair, ensure below one year can utmost is used circularly. After each area county and school are receiving neat loop to use text book, according to the facts the statistical damaged, change case that loses circumstance and strength of student of below one school year, report director branch in time, had done complement ask forring to order the work.
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